How to Maintain Good Dental Care Habits

Do you like how you look in the mirror whenever you flash that blinding mega-watt smile? Well imagine if you didn’t have any teeth would you still look stunning? I highly doubt that. Or okay let’s assume you do have teeth but I want you to imagine that as you slowly move the edges of your mouth apart to give way to that million dollar smile you spot specks of black in interspersed and peppered all across your white teeth. Now question, would you still find that attractive?

Let’s be honest here, no one finds those grotesque images attractive. And if you don’t have teeth your face will look different than when you had one. Assuming that you do have teeth if it were tainted with obvious dental caries, you’ll look like a zombie from Halloween and I’m not even exaggerating.

With that being said, it is very important to maintain good dental care habits and the best person to partner in that aspect is none other than your dentist. A friend of mine in Texas, brought this to my attention the other day. He was chatting with his dentist about good dental habits, and he realized not only how important it is to maintain these good habits but also how simple it is to add to your daily routine. Shout out to the awesome people at Vibrant Smiles located in North Richland Hills, and their amazing dentist Tiana Pham at Vibrant Smiles for having this discussion with my friend. Your dentist is a partner whom you see twice a year, but the rest is up to you. You also need to do your part at home to keep your teeth healthy and to keep gum diseases at bay.

If you take care of your teeth right you can maintain your dental health and prevent the occurrence of gum or periodontal disease from developing or advancing.

Take it from doctor Richard price who is a former clinical instructor who worked for the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine when he say that a regular dental home care encompasses flossing and brushings. His advice is to brush our teeth thoroughly at least twice in a day, once in the morning and once again at night before retiring to bed. He also says to never forget to floss your teeth at least once a day. He says he does it after eating whenever he can.

Price says the secret to good dental health is proper dental care at home and seeing your dentist at a regular basis. He says that these two are your tickets to good dental health. Price, by the way, is retired from a thirty-five year private group dental practice located in Newton, Mass.

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Looking Failure in a Positive Way

While there may be times when you’re in luck and you get it on your first try, in reality, it takes a number of failures before you can truly relish success. Repeated failure can be difficult to bounce back from. And the very idea of failing is what keeps us from taking that first step. If we’ve failed one too many times we become traumatized and because the pain is so fresh we cower at the thought of trying.

It’s so easy to become involved in a specific project, situation or relationship but when things don’t go according to plan we become devastated, disappointed and frustrated and it might even lead you to the brink and ask, “Whey even try when it’s all going to crumble anyway?” Here’s what you can do to regain your self-confidence back after all those heartaches and failures.

Keep in Mind that Success is Built on Failure.

There are a lot of people who we’ll get to meet in life who are responsible for helping us achieve success and there are people who are accountable for holding us back from it. These people can come in the form of that person who just interviewed you for a job you’ve always wanted or it could be a publisher who you’ve just sent your first manuscript to or it could be a friend who you really admire and like. Here’s what you need to know, these people do not wish for you to fail, but the problem is, life and work per se have standards and not everyone can measure up to it. Yet despite your disappointment don’t hate on them because they also want what’s best. Every single time someone rejects you, you can have the option to let it get into you and quit or you can use that circumstance to push you further until you get what you want. Failure can either encourage you or discourage you, but only the strong and smart ones choose the former.Continue reading

Letting Go of These Things Will Free You From Misery

For many of us, we share one goal in common and that is to be happy. I mean, who doesn’t? We do things knowingly or unknowingly for our happiness. Like why did you choose that job? When someone would ask me why I chose to write over working as a nurse my answer is automatic, “Because writing makes me happy.”  It’s really as simple as that. Although part of it is that it makes good money, the main reason why I chose to become a writer is because I love writing and writing makes me happy. Everything we do is for the sake of our own happiness. While there may be those people who work even if it’s not in line with their passion just to make a living, they strive to find happiness on other things.

Although ultimate happiness is hard to find knowing that life is a cycle of ups and downs, being content with what you have and with your life is enough to consider it a blessing. So here are some things you need to let go for you to find your fair share of happiness in this world.

Let Go of Pride.

Pride is never good and too much of it can destroy you. It destroys not only yourself but your relationships as well and pride when unchecked may even get in the way of your success. A humble person always recognizes the fact that at times he could be wrong and he’s the one who’s at fault. A person filled with pride, on the other hand, will never see his mistakes and will likely blame other people for it. If you constantly deny you’re at fault even if it’s you who’s made the mistake you will never learn and you will never grow. Seeking personal improvement will not happen as long as you continue to live with pride.Continue reading

How to Stop Having a Miserable Life

Being miserable and unhappy are emotions that will drag you down and if you don’t know how to cope with it, it will inevitably consume you. Most of the time people think that happiness is equated to owning things. We think that if we have a new car, a new house, a great boyfriend or a high-paying job it would make us happy. While it’s true that it can make us happy, sometimes letting go of other things can also make you happy. The problem with acquiring material things is that it comes with a price. So would that mean that if you don’t have enough money to buy a car you’d be miserable all your life? Of course not, sometimes it’s the letting go and not the gaining that makes us truly happy. Often times it’s what we already have that are stopping us from achieving happiness. Below are some things you need to consider to have a happy and misery free life.

Let Go of Your Failures.

Your failures do not define who you are as a person so why hold on to it? Mourning over the mistakes you’ve done in the past will only stop you from moving on and preparing yourself for the future.  You see, a lot of us fail to see life as a rollercoaster that has its ups and downs. Some of us expect too much from life and so whenever we’re faced with problems we get upset, frustrated and disappointed and what’s worse is that some of us choose to linger on these negative feelings. That’s why we become unhappy. Failures and successes are all part of life, but you shouldn’t hold on to it because this prevents you from living at the present. What you can get from these past failures are lessons that you won’t repeat at present and in the future.Continue reading

How To Stand Up Again After Failing

How many times have you failed? How many times have people and those close to you sawed you failed? I’m pretty sure you’ve lost count and it’s okay. I am not here to point fingers and I am definitely not here to judge you because I myself have failed countless of times. There were failures that I easily brushed off while there were those that really traumatized me. Like the series of girls who turned me down, the number of times I got rejected for my writing submissions or the time when my first ever business went into bankruptcy because I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing. Or the time when my math professor flunked me in my Algebra class and our principal decided that I didn’t fit into any of their classes for the junior year. In other words, they dropped me out. When it comes to failures I guess I can say I’m a pro at it because I have failed so much and in so many instances in my lifetime.
And I’m going to admit it, failing sucks big time. The feeling is remarkably painful and often times it goes so deep that it scars us for life. The majority of us would die to get a taste of success and freedom on our first attempt, but you see life doesn’t work that way.

It’s hard to press on when you’re being shoved with failure after failure but keep in mind that everyone fails and it’s not just you. Yes, it’s going to hurt but that’s what makes you human. It’s part of life. Traumatizing as it is, there are ways where you can stand up and bounce back from failure without fearing it. Here’s what you can do to regain your self-confidence back after it has been beaten up by the hurts and aches of failures.

What have you learned from the experience?

Think of that failure as life’s way of teaching you a lesson. What have you learned? Think of it this way, if you didn’t fail you wouldn’t learn and you wouldn’t know how to improve. And since nobody is perfect, all of us are bound to fail at some paint. If you fail at one thing, don’t highlight the pains but instead shift your focus on the lessons learned from it. Ask these questions to yourself whenever you fail:Continue reading

How the Masses Think Compared to How the Rich Thinks

If you are striving to be at the top of the food chain, thinking like the masses will not get you there. If you want success you have to pattern your thinking with the rich. Below is a brief comparison between how the rich thinks and how an average person thinks. Based on these findings you will get to understand why rich people make it to the top and why the masses stay at the bottom.

They Think Money is Complicated

Average people think that money is complicated. Most if not all of them are convinced that making money is mysterious and cannot be fathomed. Rich people, on the other hand, think that money is actually quite simple. The rich ones never tire of thinking about how to convert critical aspects of their lives and turning them into simple and uncomplicated formulas that anyone can follow.

They Do It Alone

The average thinks that building wealth is done alone mostly because they are after personal recognition. Meanwhile, the rich believes that building wealth is a team effort. The rich recognizes team efforts and prefers it to personal recognition for the sake of profit.

They Worry About Money

Average people worry about money all the time. For some reason, a majority of average people are entangled with thoughts of scarcity and fear. While the average fear and worry about money the rich dreams about it. The rich works with a sense of love, generosity, and infinite possibilities. Money does not intimidate the rich.
If you want to be rich you have to start thinking like one. The mind is a very powerful tool and if you use it right you will get whatever it is that you desire and need.Continue reading