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Looking Failure in a Positive Way

While there may be times when you’re in luck and you get it on your first try, in reality, it takes a number of failures before you can truly relish success. Repeated failure can be difficult to bounce back from. And the very idea of failing is what keeps us from taking that first step. If we’ve failed one too many times we become traumatized and because the pain is so fresh we cower at the thought of trying.

It’s so easy to become involved in a specific project, situation or relationship but when things don’t go according to plan we become devastated, disappointed and frustrated and it might even lead you to the brink and ask, “Whey even try when it’s all going to crumble anyway?” Here’s what you can do to regain your self-confidence back after all those heartaches and failures.

Keep in Mind that Success is Built on Failure.

There are a lot of people who we’ll get to meet in life who are responsible for helping us achieve success and there are people who are accountable for holding us back from it. These people can come in the form of that person who just interviewed you for a job you’ve always wanted or it could be a publisher who you’ve just sent your first manuscript to or it could be a friend who you really admire and like. Here’s what you need to know, these people do not wish for you to fail, but the problem is, life and work per se have standards and not everyone can measure up to it. Yet despite your disappointment don’t hate on them because they also want what’s best. Every single time someone rejects you, you can have the option to let it get into you and quit or you can use that circumstance to push you further until you get what you want. Failure can either encourage you or discourage you, but only the strong and smart ones choose the former.Continue reading