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Letting Go of These Things Will Free You From Misery

For many of us, we share one goal in common and that is to be happy. I mean, who doesn’t? We do things knowingly or unknowingly for our happiness. Like why did you choose that job? When someone would ask me why I chose to write over working as a nurse my answer is automatic, “Because writing makes me happy.”  It’s really as simple as that. Although part of it is that it makes good money, the main reason why I chose to become a writer is because I love writing and writing makes me happy. Everything we do is for the sake of our own happiness. While there may be those people who work even if it’s not in line with their passion just to make a living, they strive to find happiness on other things.

Although ultimate happiness is hard to find knowing that life is a cycle of ups and downs, being content with what you have and with your life is enough to consider it a blessing. So here are some things you need to let go for you to find your fair share of happiness in this world.

Let Go of Pride.

Pride is never good and too much of it can destroy you. It destroys not only yourself but your relationships as well and pride when unchecked may even get in the way of your success. A humble person always recognizes the fact that at times he could be wrong and he’s the one who’s at fault. A person filled with pride, on the other hand, will never see his mistakes and will likely blame other people for it. If you constantly deny you’re at fault even if it’s you who’s made the mistake you will never learn and you will never grow. Seeking personal improvement will not happen as long as you continue to live with pride.Continue reading