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How to Maintain Good Dental Care Habits

Do you like how you look in the mirror whenever you flash that blinding mega-watt smile? Well imagine if you didn’t have any teeth would you still look stunning? I highly doubt that. Or okay let’s assume you do have teeth but I want you to imagine that as you slowly move the edges of your mouth apart to give way to that million dollar smile you spot specks of black in interspersed and peppered all across your white teeth. Now question, would you still find that attractive?

Let’s be honest here, no one finds those grotesque images attractive. And if you don’t have teeth your face will look different than when you had one. Assuming that you do have teeth if it were tainted with obvious dental caries, you’ll look like a zombie from Halloween and I’m not even exaggerating.

With that being said, it is very important to maintain good dental care habits and the best person to partner in that aspect is none other than your dentist. A friend of mine in Texas, brought this to my attention the other day. He was chatting with his dentist about good dental habits, and he realized not only how important it is to maintain these good habits but also how simple it is to add to your daily routine. Shout out to the awesome people at Vibrant Smiles located in North Richland Hills, and their amazing dentist Tiana Pham at Vibrant Smiles for having this discussion with my friend. Your dentist is a partner whom you see twice a year, but the rest is up to you. You also need to do your part at home to keep your teeth healthy and to keep gum diseases at bay.

If you take care of your teeth right you can maintain your dental health and prevent the occurrence of gum or periodontal disease from developing or advancing.

Take it from doctor Richard price who is a former clinical instructor who worked for the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine when he say that a regular dental home care encompasses flossing and brushings. His advice is to brush our teeth thoroughly at least twice in a day, once in the morning and once again at night before retiring to bed. He also says to never forget to floss your teeth at least once a day. He says he does it after eating whenever he can.

Price says the secret to good dental health is proper dental care at home and seeing your dentist at a regular basis. He says that these two are your tickets to good dental health. Price, by the way, is retired from a thirty-five year private group dental practice located in Newton, Mass.

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How Rich People Think

Have you ever wondered how rich and successful people think? It would seem that we all think the same but Steve Seibol says otherwise. After spending a total of twenty-six years studying and observing the ways, rich people think he has come to the conclusion that this special group of people are really something to admire in terms of how they view wealth, life and everything that is related to success. How they think is so different from how the average thinks.

Money is Positive

The average sees money as something that is negative and they believe that building wealth is shallow. The rich, on the other hand, believes the opposite and they see money as something that is positive. They view money as a medium that has the power to give them an opportunity and freedom.

Leverage is Power

Average people think that building wealth equates to working hard. But haven’t they considered if this were the case then every construction worker who has toiled from morning until night would have already been rich? While this is how the average masses think the rich, on the other hand, believes that leverage creates success. For the wealthy, hard work equates to taking advantage of the combined brainpower of the entire team.

Investing Rather Than Saving

The average concentrates on saving money while the rich focuses their attention on earning money. The average learned to develop this mindset out of loss and fear. This explains why they protect and hoard their money. The rich, in contrast, very well understands the significance of investing and saving. But they channel their energy to serving people and solving problems in order to glean wealth.Continue reading