How to Stop Having a Miserable Life

Being miserable and unhappy are emotions that will drag you down and if you don’t know how to cope with it, it will inevitably consume you. Most of the time people think that happiness is equated to owning things. We think that if we have a new car, a new house, a great boyfriend or a high-paying job it would make us happy. While it’s true that it can make us happy, sometimes letting go of other things can also make you happy. The problem with acquiring material things is that it comes with a price. So would that mean that if you don’t have enough money to buy a car you’d be miserable all your life? Of course not, sometimes it’s the letting go and not the gaining that makes us truly happy. Often times it’s what we already have that are stopping us from achieving happiness. Below are some things you need to consider to have a happy and misery free life.

Let Go of Your Failures.

Your failures do not define who you are as a person so why hold on to it? Mourning over the mistakes you’ve done in the past will only stop you from moving on and preparing yourself for the future.  You see, a lot of us fail to see life as a rollercoaster that has its ups and downs. Some of us expect too much from life and so whenever we’re faced with problems we get upset, frustrated and disappointed and what’s worse is that some of us choose to linger on these negative feelings. That’s why we become unhappy. Failures and successes are all part of life, but you shouldn’t hold on to it because this prevents you from living at the present. What you can get from these past failures are lessons that you won’t repeat at present and in the future.

Let Go of Perfectionism.

Seeking perfection is a futile work and not only is it taxing it’s also impossible. There is no such thing as a perfect family, perfect job and perfect partner. The secret to happiness is learning to embrace and love the imperfections. You see, we live in an imperfect world so it makes sense that we’re all imperfect human beings and we are bound to fail and make mistakes. If you seek perfection in everything and in everyone you will only end up getting disappointed. Therefore, let of perfectionism because it does not exist but instead learn to accept flaws, faults, and failures and find beauty in it. Some people see failures as stepping-stones to success while some think of it as the lesson to help them grow. It’s all a matter of how you perceive it.

Let Go of Getting Everyone’s Approval.

You know for a fact that if you live your life with the intention of getting everyone’s approval you are not going to be happy and the only ones who’ll be happy are those around you. When you allow people to rule over your life and dictate what you should do with it, indeed you are satisfying them but can you really do it at the expense of your own happiness? I’m guessing not. When you make decisions for yourself that made you happy you’ll feel satisfied and fulfilled in contrast to when you let others decide for you even if you don’t want to just to make them happy. If you keep on prioritizing other people’s happiness over yours are going to live a life filled with regrets. If you don’t want that to happen, start living your life now without anyone telling you what to do and what not to do. Be the boss and act on it.

Happiness is a choice and that choice begins once you start letting go of the things that steal your happiness.




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